What To Consider When Styling Printed Pants For Better Results


Styling printed pants are all about making them your statement. It can be intimidating when faced with a rack of prints and solids, but don’t worry! It is important because your statement is what distinguishes you from the rest of the pack.

What to consider when styling printed pants;

1. What is your style?

Prints are great because they are a huge statement in and of themselves and the possibilities for styling them can be limitless. Think about what your style is- do you like to stay classic and neutral or do you like to experiment with more dramatic flair. This will help you choose the right printed pant for your style.

2. What is your fabric?

What is your fabric like? Is it a bold but smooth print? Is it a flat, matte finish? Those are the kinds of questions that help you choose the right printed pant for your style.

3. What does your body type look like?

This helps you pick out pants that look great on you and balance out any problems with proportions. For example, if your hips are a bit wider than the waist, then try choosing a print that has deep vertical lines to balance out your curves. If you have a large bust, choose pants that have some vertical volume to draw attention upwards.

4. What does your skin tone look like?

This is an important thing to consider for all clothes, but especially printed pants. Shop with the lighting in mind! If you are out shopping during the evening or under fluorescent lights, then the print can look a lot different than it will under natural light.

5. What does the world look like?

There are a lot of different elements of print that are dependent on light. One of the main elements is white space and how it affects the print. For example, if you have a block color to tone with your fabric, choose prints with less white space because they will not be so washed-out looking under high contrast lighting- like fluorescent or sodium vapor lights at night.

Now you have what you need to make some great choices. Let’s get styling!

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