Fresh Manicure Ideas For Spring

Manicure is important in spring because it looks great and it is important for hygiene. But sometimes getting a manicure done is expensive, too much, and not enough time with all the beauty of the summer activities.

Fresh manicure ideas for spring;

1. French tips

French tips are a very popular style in the spring. You will need nail polish in the color of your choice and a top coat to finish it off. Apply the French tip on each finger with a brush, this is easy to do if you have a helper or two!

Be careful not to get any nail polish on your skin because it is difficult to remove so make sure you are wearing gloves or have someone there who can help you.

2. Nail art

There are many different and easy ways to create a nail art design. You can use anything from eye shadow to a marker, to nail stickers, all of these options give your nails a great manicured appearance. If you are using eye shadow you will need a powder eye shadow in a color that matches your choice of nail polish. You can choose one of the fancy designs at homecoming to do in the mirror.

3. Nail art stamping

A nail art stamp (sometimes referred to as stencils) is a quick way to create nail art. You can use the back of a small eyeliner pencil for this purpose. For this manicure idea for spring, you will need a nail polish that is one shade lighter than your choice of design and a contrasting color such as white or black. You can also use special eye shadow in your choice of colors to do it at homecoming

Stun out the above ideas and you will have a great manicure for spring. Do not forget the topcoat because it will protect and make your manicure last.

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