Causes Of Eating Disorders You Need To Know

Eating disorders have continued to be a problem that does not seem to be going away anytime soon. Some people might point their fingers at the rapid change in the beauty industry or media’s portrayal of celebrities and think it’s due to these sources, but there are underlying causes that are more concerning than they might know.

Causes of eating disorders;

1. Genetics

Genetics is what causes a person to be the way they are. There is a group of people that have a genetic predisposition for eating disorders. Females are more likely to contract an eating disorder because of the genetics that has been passed on from their family members.

The genetics that may cause an eating disorder can be traced back to the history of each family member (women only). If a woman’s mother or grandmother has had an eating disorder, then there is a potential that she could develop one as well.

2. Psychology

What’s inside a person’s head can make them do drastic things. Psychology is what makes an individual decide what they think is right or wrong, normal or not normal. It plays a big role in the process of having an eating disorder.

It can be so bad that it could lead to mental problems in the long run. An example would be for someone to think that if they don’t eat then they are skinny and hence beautiful; this is extremely unhealthy and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

3. Environment and socialization

Individuals are affected by the media and their peers. If a person sees a celebrity that is too skinny, they might try to follow their example and end up developing an eating disorder.

Children in daycare are also affected by the choices that are made by their peers. If they see other kids eating certain foods, they will think that it’s okay and therefore eat them.

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