Hacks That Will Definitely Saves Your Resources And Time

Wearing makeup completes the glam of every women. Makeup is an art in which individuals translate their mood and personality. For some reason, individuals wear makeup to better themselves, improve and feel good while carrying out their everyday lives. Furthermore, wearing makeup brings out the confidence from a person. There are individuals who cannot face the world without there best face ready.

Even from long time ago, people wore makeup for different purposes like to show their social status, of wealth and to appease their gods. Now, makeup more on improve self-esteem as it covers dark circles, blemishes and uneven skin tone. With this, here are 5 MAKEUP HACKS.

* Always apply foundation prior to concealer. It helps in creating a smooth base for the rest of the products. This is a great help in preventing caking and creasing. Moreover, foundation before concealer helps in minimizing redness and discoloration, then use concealer to treat any zits and the remaining redness the foundation failed to cover.

* Use a brush for your eyebrows. Combing your brow hairs before makeup application greatly helps in maintaining your brows on shape. It is so easy to apply and not time consuming. Just a 10-second combing will do and your brows are on the right spot, ready to be filled.

* Exfoliation. Just before applying lipstick, it is essential to exfoliate your lips first. Exfoliating helps in getting rid of dry skin on top of your lips, leaving a smoother surface to apply the product on for dry lips prevent moisture and hydration to reach the lower layers of the lips.

* Warm you pencils. Products like eyeliner pencils are better warmed up for proper application and coating.

* Sleep with no makeup on. Despite a very tiring day and exhaustion, removing makeup before going in bed is a must. It prevents having premature aging and wrinkles.

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